A photograph is essentially the capture of a fleeting fragment of time.  Through Lighting, color, composition, subject matter and a host of other variables, I work to transform a simple image into a timeless celebration of that moment.  Creating that celebration is the objective driving every click of my shutter.  My fascination with the art of photography began when I was a young girl watching my father "magically" develop his beautiful black and white photographs in his home darkroom.  Thus, began my lifelong love affair with the art form.  A camera was one of my earliest friends and today it is a constant companion.

Photography is a consuming passion and I continue to explore its infinite possibilities within the kaleidoscope of our dynamic world.  My goal is to give my photos the irresistible power to evoke an emotional response, an intake of breath, a gentle exclamation or simply a smile that lingers.  I photograph all subjects that appeal to me, such as studio portraits, dancers in motion, landscapes, animals, working cowboys, flowers…in the hope that my photographs will also be pleasing to others.  I strive to create a piece of photographic art -- a celebration of a moment -- that you would be proud to have in your home.